Jay Afrisando, 2016 MECA winner, has launched his new audio-visual work “The (Real) Laptop Music :))” on Vimeo. This piece emerged from a question on a laptop for a composing activity. Dedicated to everyone who uses a laptop for working every day, this piece is composed, directed, & edited by Jay Afrisando and shot by Michael Duffy.

Jay Afrisando is an Indonesian music composer, project director, and improviser. He composes diverse style of music; from notational to improvisational music, from solo to participatory music, from acoustic to electroacoustic music, and from experimental-pop to noise music. He has collaborated with artists ranging from improvisers, jazz musicians, electronic musicians, instrument builders, classical musicians, writers, dancers, visual artists, as well as IT programmers, stage managers, and audiences.

Desiring to take part in global stages, he participated in Cultural Partnership Initiative’s 2014 International Fellowship in Study of Korean Music at the National Gugak Center where he studies Piri and Janggu and observes compositional aspect of Korean music. In the following year, he was awarded 2nd Prize of Prix Annelie de Man 2015, an international composers competition held by Annelie de Man Foundation. He was also selected as one of the Fellows in the OneBeat 2015, an adventurous music-based diplomacy program initiated by the U.S. State of Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and organized by Found Sound Nation. 

In 2016, his participatory music performance project, entitled Mode[a]rn, was awarded Hibah Seni Karya Inovatif (Innovative Art Grant) 2016 by Yayasan Kelola (Kelola Foundation); it was performed by Jay & Gatra Wardaya in Yogyakarta and TIGAtrio (who didteleperformance) in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Bogota (Colombia). He is recently awarded by American Composers Forum through the Minnesota Emerging Composers Award (MECA) 2016 funded by The Jerome Foundation.

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