Beginning Saturday, September 2, 11pm-midnight Pacific Time, the inaugural one hour crow with no mouth radio program will air on community-based KOWS, Sonoma County, California. The one-hour radio program will air on odd Saturdays on KOWS at 11pm Pacific Time. If you’re not able to catch the program when it airs, they are all archived on the Podomatic site. The crow with no mouth radio program presents experimental music rarely heard on the airwaves – music from around the globe, principally electro-acoustic composition and improvisation, noise, extreme computer works, location recordings, musique concrete and contemporary composition.

Jesse writes, “Obviously the radio format has time constraints for the music selected and host commentary. For that reason, I will be producing additional programs of indeterminate length which will also be posted on the Podomatic site. These programs will allow a more extensive presentation of the music selected and likely a little more host commentary. My intention for the lengthier programs is to produce one each week.” Read more

crow with no mouth radio (KOWS 92.5 FM)
1st / 3rd / 5th saturday
11pm-midnight (PST)
1am-2am (CST)
2am-3am (EST)

crow with no mouth radio (extended mix)
approximately once weekly
hosted by Podomatic

Jesse Goin has written about experimental music for a variety of electronic and print journals, including Paris Transatlantic, The Wire, Dusted, Compost & Height and, since 2010, his blog crow with no mouth.

From 2011 to the present, operating as crow with no mouth promotions, he has curated a concert series in the Twin Cities, presenting music seldom heard in the Midwest. To date the crow concert series has presented 96 musicians from 13 countries in 42 concerts. The majority of these events presented musicians in their Minnesota debuts, including Keith Rowe, Michael Pisaro, Jürg Frey, Hong Chulki, Olivia Block, Tetuzi Akiayama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Nate Wooley, Jason Lescalleet,  Reinier van Houdt, and many others. For host Jesse Goin’s writing and information about his concert series, visit

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