August 18, 2016 Inspired by the Rio Olympics and in the spirit of my upcoming world travels, this fall I’ll be hosting the official Composer Quest Olympic Games!

These 6 short events are designed for (even busy!) composers to sharpen their skills and get in the habit of regular composing.

The events are:

  1. National Anthems – Arrange your favorite national anthem
  2. Table Tennis – Pass notes back and forth with an assigned partner
  3. Weightlifting – Tuba solos
  4. Hurdles – Charlie gives you a lead sheet to compose over
  5. Relay Race – Teams of four compose parts of a whole composition
  6. Composer’s Choice – Choose an Olympic event and represent it in your piece

Sign up for free at

The American Composers Forum is co-sponsoring this challenge, and they’ll be offering discounted memberships to the gold medalists!

If you’re not a composer, you’ll still be able to follow along with these Olympic games during my world tour podcast season, starting in early September. Stay tuned at for updates.


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