ACF is thrilled to announce the line-up for the 2020 Landmark to Lowertown performance series, featuring the 2017 winners of the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award! On April 16th Holly Hansen will incorporate live sampling of room sounds and willing audience participants in “Constant Conversation: Sound Art as Communication” at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. On May 21st Quen Drea presents “From Black Wombs” at Capital Centre Plaza. The performance weaves together poetry, electronica and movement to explore concept of the Black woman as God, the first earthly womb who brought forth the original man and continues to care for mankind in various forms. On June 26th Ian Vaver will present “Stuartship Project” in the Landmark Center Cortile. This original composition for modern string ensemble uses the interplay between traditional and contemporary styles of acoustic music to explore and expand on our idea of stewardship and the interaction between people and nature. SEE DETAILS

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