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Minneapolis-based Mike Hodnick, aka Kindohm, is widely known for his live-coded dancefloor interruptions, wringing splattered rhythms and textures from a text editor using the open source software TidalCycles. Adding analogue synths to his palette, ‘RISC Chip’ morphs and refines Kindohm’s previous work into a bewilderingly singular work encompassing glitch, breakcore, IDM and techno. At once bruisingly complex and alluringly minimal, tracks like ’32-bit Falcon’ and ‘Bit Dust’ crunch and flex with pin-point percussion, opaque bass and paradoxical rhythm that only a mad-scientist approach to musicianship could afford. Elsewhere, ‘Mint’ and ‘Practical Closures’ let the sound open up a little more, giving some breathing room but keeping a stony gaze on the dancefloor.

And Mike tells us, “It’s an album of electronic music that is a blend of code, algorithms, dance floor rhythms, complex beats, sample glitching, and analogue synthesizers. The album was composed exclusively with the TidalCycles live-coding programming environment, which made unique rhythmic motifs, algorithmic note selection, and odd, interlocking layers all possible. The music is intended to be performed live with room for improvisation, using a code editor to orchestrate musical changes and add on-the-fly elements as desired. I just completed a 4-show European tour and performed much of this material live.” Congrats, Mike, and thanks for sharing your news!

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